Tuesday, June 16, 2009


SO much has happened since our last post!
first and foremost, pearl is learning to walk! she can walk the length of our living room by herself. it's so exciting. she isn't confident enough yet to let go and start on her own. she is getting a little better every day.

funny story: we were grabbing some grosh the other day, and i put some peaches in the cart next to pearl so i could grab a bag. i turned around and she had grabbed a peach, and was shoving her face as if she hadn't eaten in days. i couldn't help but crack-up! there was juice running down her arms, dripping from her elbows. her shirt was instantly drenched. there was no way i was about to take it away from her, cause it was so funny and cute. she ended up eating almost the whole peach. oh, pearly. : )

peach party

here are some pics from the last few weeks:

bbqing in the rain (it was raining, i swear)

i'm craaaaazy in my new camping chair

here you go

cute in her "mussoh" shirt

funny face

just standin' around

eating flowers


after the swim

we went to the zoo. it was like 90+ and pearl was a sweaty mess. we ate popsicles and drank water the entire time.

zoo boise (that's what it's really called)

guess that's all for now. gma & gpa crossman are coming next week so that should be fun. more videos of pearl walking coming soon, i'm sure. : )

blogger won't let me put captions on the videos or put them anywhere i want on the post. dumb. so here they are: hope the sound works

1. peachy mess
2. pearl's such a funny dancer!
3. again with the dancing
4. curly hair
5. walking last week
6. splashtastic