Wednesday, December 30, 2009


we woke up this morning to this:

and it was beautiful!! pearl ran up to the back door and exclaimed, "NOWING!!!" [snowing]

we shoveled the driveway and our front walk too. it was awesome. i'm not even kidding- i was so excited to do it!! pearl loved being outside and enjoyed it as well. :)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

tiny typist

this just happened:
pearl was talking to grandma jensen on skype tonight and we taped a bit of it cause it was hilarious. she kept tilting her head and talking really close to the screen. she started typing something too in the middle of the conversation. :) also, she sang gma a little song and we DIED. SO CUTE. [not on the video though, sorry]

more pics and whatnots later. i promise.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

3 month summ.

this long, yet awesome post, summarizes our lives' events over the past few months. prepare yourself for a photographic journey unlike none other. . . .

**in august, we went to art in the park it's an annual tradition now. :)

**pearl & i went to g'ville for a week in september to visit gma & gpa! the highlights included going to the candy dance; binging at in 'n out with dan, laurie, & their boys; eating more at el charro; and driving to beautiful apple hill in camino, california. we had a wonderful visit and got to spend some time with old friends.

pearl just chillin' on the plane

me, pear, & gma

i sewed pearl little mittens- and she couldn't WAIT for me to get them OFF!!

**this hilarious unicorn costume @ costco was way too small. she couldn't move her head. lol

trying to see :) cracks me up

petting zoo @ apple hill

just checking out the puppies in the petsmart ad

lunch in the shade @ candy dance

**october 8th was a great day. darcy's birthday was simply celebrated with a cake and an acappella solo.

**little did he know... i had been planning and stressing over a surprise party for him the next day. he got off work at 8:15 and was tired and tired. :) we had planned on going "on a date" and our friends were set to watch pearl. when we arrived at the party, he was SHOCKED and pleasantly surprised. it was a poker party, hence the cake. a few minutes later, once everyone settled down, kelsey & jake walked in!!! darcy's sister and her husband drove from rexburg for his b-day. it was the best part of the party! kels & jake stayed the weekend with us [bonus number 2] and we had an awesome time. darcy had NO CLUE i was planning anything. thank you, thank you. :) i'm a good liar. what?

2 levels: silly movie quote tied in the poker theme
AND worst thing i have ever seen. i haven't decorated a cake before! i couldn't stop laughing at it.

**someone's having the best day ever: pearl found out that there are TWO of her baby froggies. she carried them around, hugging and kissing them, until i took them away. :)

**coat & toque from uncle jon & aunt jessie [yes, still fits AWESOME]and new scarf that i made. these pics are terrible- she just looked so cute when we went out last night

readin' books

i couldn't stop myself- i see weird things sometimes and have to take pictures

Friday, August 21, 2009

are you sitting down?

cuz you probably should be. this is the longest posted blog EVER.

we have had a lot going on this summer!
in july, we went to see gma & gpa crossman in gardnerville, nv. we spent a few days at their place and went camping with them in manzanita lake, ca. there was a big family reunion on my dad's side and it was a ton of fun. it was gorgeous weather and the campground was amazing. there was a cute shop, a quick bike ride away, that sold tall cones of soft serve. it was awesome.
pearl had been acting a little sick when we were in g'ville and had had a low-grade fever for about a week. we hoped she was getting over whatever it was.
well day 2 into our camping extravaganza, her fever got A LOT worse and she was not herself. she was super lethargic and was snuggling me!?!? i know, what? the only time she snuggles me is if she's really sick or outrageously tired. she was burning up and was constantly falling asleep. this continued and i knew she needed to see a doctor. so, long story short, we drove to redding and had to visit the ER cause everything else was closed. she had an ear infection and was just a tiny mess. she was a lot better within a few days.
anyways, here are some pics from that trip!
oh yeah, and my new blonde hair : )

mud pits

4 generations [w/great gma crossman & the lyn]

gma c bff

pearl w/sunscreen in her eyes. EVERY TIME. blerg.

the lake

a nosy goose

pearl & gpa crossman [this picture explains how she was feeling]

nice calves, gpa!

i'm sick, this half-smile is all you're gonna get

playin in the water

insanely fluorescent moss

um, pearl's birthday!!! pee pee turned ONE on july 24th at 6:14pm. hehe i'm not kidding. i'm just kidding. not kidding. just kidding.
here are a few shots from the big bash.
[the big bash consisted of a last-minute cupcake purchase from the albertsons bakery; over-priced, dried-out cupcakes with some kind of nondairy frosting; an unhappy birthday girl who was kept up till 9:30 pm just so her stubborn mom could say that she had a "cake" on her birthday; and 25 + minutes of cleaning artificial food coloring from every surface and body part imaginable.

cars theme, oh yeah


we drove to satanthony to spend the night at vicky & mike's [jessie's parents] to split the drive into two trips. pearl became instant friends with penny, jon & jessie's dog. penny followed her around and licked her relentlessly.
we spent the first few days in waterton, which was redic. it was so amazing and beautiful, as always. pearl slept perfectly in our tent and we couldn't have been more grateful!
we stayed in lethbridge for a few more days before heading home. we had a great time with darcy's family!

poor pearl, our tiny amputee

tatum, uncle darc, & mason

love that neither of tatum's feet are touching the ground [the only reason i posted this]

so gorgeous

love waterton

pearl & daddy

some sweet rocks


i'm gross.

gma tolman, darcy, & pearl

hello, bear

one of the oil refineries in edmonton was struck by lightning and there was a shortage of gasoline

pear's carseat

oh yeah, our alternator died on the way home. 105 degrees, desert, baby, no cell service. i know. . so fortunately, the tahoe died near a construction zone and the people were really understanding. they charged our battery for a while and we drove straight to get it fixed. we had to leave everything off including the a.c. to reserve power. we eventually made it home.
here's a sweaty baby

crater's of the moon [all black volcanic rock & soil](drive through on the way)

Here are just some ramdom pics of pearl, cause she's cute.

funny face

i love lotion


the great mess maker :\ notice pearl's new paris shirt, couldn't be any more fantastic

pearl feeding herself oatmeal this morning


THIS JUST HAPPENED. i'm excited.

snickerdoodle poodle [note to self: don't take pictures on laundry day]

videos will follow next time. i need sleep.