Tuesday, April 21, 2009

pears, parks, & pulling-up

this morning, i left pearl in the front room while i grabbed some clothes from her bedroom. when i came back, she was STANDING, holding on to her tub of toys, taking them out one-by-one.
she has been cruising for a while, but has never pulled herself up! now that she has figured it out, she won't stop! it has been an interesting day, baby-proofing "as needed." oh my dangerous, wish us luck

pee pee gathered almost all of her stuffed animals and slept ON them LOL

new teething guard, yeah!

what the LITTLE GIRL?

on our way to the park

passed out

funny face::notice the ROLLS on 5+ body parts[on pearl] :)

never know till you try::her tongue! :)

so happy::ankle rolls are the best

this is grass

mesmerized by a puppy in the distance

daddy & pear

eating pears, new fave

fake smile

funny face


so pearl has had an awesome week. her teeth are coming through, and she's starting to feel better!
she has been eating more finger foods too; she tried chunks of avocado, cantaloupe, pears, bananas, and peas. i am so grateful that she is not picky!!! she has liked almost everything she has tried!
pearl has a dr. appt this friday. i am excited to see how much she weighs and how tall she has gotten.

till next time, stay classy. . .

Monday, April 13, 2009

crazy about crawlin'

so pearl decided to crawl, for REAL, last night. here is a quick vid of her practicing! SO EXCITED!!

here's pearl babbling- her favorite thing to say is "Nanana"::thanks a heap, gma crossman!
ps: don't mind how nasty my voice sounds- or the laundry.

this just happened :)

and yes, these are all from the same 24hr period- and yes she wears her jammies all day sometimes.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

in your face

GEEZ i know. it's been way too long. well here's the biggest blog ever, in your face.

anyway, here are some random shots from the last month:

learning the ways of the sippy

loves to scream! thanks for the hoodie, aunt brittany! (not sure why it was zipped-up ALL the way?!?)

okay, just stay right there. . .

pearl loves daft punk :)

silly smile

post-nap HAIR :: love it!

frozen green beans- who knew?

pearl, NO!!!

so happy, so cute

so pearl is fake-crawling. she uses an unique military/ballet style that is efficient enough for her.

she just started 'cruising' this week [walking- holding onto furniture]. exciting!

pearl will be getting her maxillary central incisors soon- she's been working on them for-ever. for those of you who make fun of me, they're the "upper two front teeth." jerks.

here are a few of over 1,000 pics :) from our recent trip to st. kitts:
ps: sorry if you're a facebooker- they're some of the same ones on there.
pss: thanks to gma & gpa crossman for taking care of her while we were gone!!


oh, us (really excited about my butt in this picture)LOL

fresh coconuts!

independence square, basseterre

kristin took this w/her new canon! LOVE.

scary! :)

the beach

just a palm tree

black rocks

adam & kristin, & us

first-time to the atlantic

me in my element :)

sweet church

i am not sure what/who::taken out of taxi window going like 40!

brimstone hill fortress

darc riding a canon

love this::lol



that's all for now.