Thursday, April 9, 2009

in your face

GEEZ i know. it's been way too long. well here's the biggest blog ever, in your face.

anyway, here are some random shots from the last month:

learning the ways of the sippy

loves to scream! thanks for the hoodie, aunt brittany! (not sure why it was zipped-up ALL the way?!?)

okay, just stay right there. . .

pearl loves daft punk :)

silly smile

post-nap HAIR :: love it!

frozen green beans- who knew?

pearl, NO!!!

so happy, so cute

so pearl is fake-crawling. she uses an unique military/ballet style that is efficient enough for her.

she just started 'cruising' this week [walking- holding onto furniture]. exciting!

pearl will be getting her maxillary central incisors soon- she's been working on them for-ever. for those of you who make fun of me, they're the "upper two front teeth." jerks.

here are a few of over 1,000 pics :) from our recent trip to st. kitts:
ps: sorry if you're a facebooker- they're some of the same ones on there.
pss: thanks to gma & gpa crossman for taking care of her while we were gone!!


oh, us (really excited about my butt in this picture)LOL

fresh coconuts!

independence square, basseterre

kristin took this w/her new canon! LOVE.

scary! :)

the beach

just a palm tree

black rocks

adam & kristin, & us

first-time to the atlantic

me in my element :)

sweet church

i am not sure what/who::taken out of taxi window going like 40!

brimstone hill fortress

darc riding a canon

love this::lol



that's all for now.


Caylee Secretan said...

THANK YOU!!! I don't think I have ever been the first to comment! Pearl has changed just a touch from Christmas, she needs to see me ASAP! Thanks for the update! :)

Jessie said...

According to these pictures, you guys did not swim in the ocean a SINGLE TIME.

Darcy & Lianna Jensen said...

ya right- everyday! my camera just hates sand and saltwater. :)

Laurie said...

Loving all those pictures! Can't wait to see Pearl again.

Jessie said...

no pictures = did not happen.


April said...

So, when is your visit to Chicago?! :) I don't want Pearl to forget her fav aunt!! And I have three other babysitters living in my house!!!! She is just so adorable!!

Kels said...

today i wondered if pearl was crawling. thanks for the update---sheesh. that pic of her with the ipod has darc written all over it. i don't know what it is, but she totally looks like him there. weird. also, love the trump hair in the first pic, and the shoe-eating. i've pretty much given up on trying to tell nors what not to eat.
i agree, no pics of actually being in the ocean? what the heck?

Darcy & Lianna Jensen said...

This is Darcy. I guess we'll have to go to another tropical vacation spot and go swimming just to satisfy you guys.

Darcy & Lianna Jensen said...

or i can post a half-nudie pic if you REALLY want!?!? geez. :)