Tuesday, May 26, 2009

ketchup, catsup, catch-up

here is a ridiculous amount of pictures from the last few weeks. pearl's worth it.

pearl, doing her "george" pose

on saturday evening, we drove to idaho city with our friends kristin & adam. it's an old mining town, about an hour away, with a lot of fun stuff to do.

see? idaho's green, sometimes (k&a)

pearl loves spaghetti

bbq last night


1. pearl acting like a spaz, and clicking her tongue
2. pearl waving [without us showing her first]

we're finally moved into our new place. once it's clean i'll take some pics :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Bruneau Sand Dunes

This is Darcy. Lianna specifically did not want any association with this because I did not bother to put a clever title on this post. j/k Anywho, these are some pics of our Sunday trip to the sand dunes about an hour away from Boise. It turned out to be a pretty sweet place and as you can see it really doesn't look like Idaho at all. Enjoy.

This is a tree.

I don't have time for descriptions cause we're moving tomorrow and I'm working all day first and I'm tired, ... big time.... yeah... that's all... I guess... for now.........

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


well, pearl decided to be crazy today and wound up in the er.

we were hanging out in our bedroom and she was walking around, holding onto our bed, dresser, you name it. all of a sudden, an outrageously loud CRACK startles me. she was laying flat on the ground, with our huge box fan on her FACE. i didn't think too much of it, until i realized she whacked her head on the sharp edge of our platform bed frame, on her way down. blood started pouring from her tiny nose. WHAT? i know. she didn't calm down and was crying really weird. she seemed lethargic and was in a lot of pain.
i immediately called darc, who was at work, and he said to take her to the urgent care 1 block from our house. they looked at her and sent us to the er because it was a "head injury".
the dr was amazing and prompt. meanwhile, pearl had perked up a bit, enough to show off for the nurse by saying every word she could. he said she looked ok- probably not a broken nose. we are going to watch her and see if she does anything out of the ordinary and see her pediatrician tomorrow for a follow-up.
pearl wound up with a huge goose egg on the back of her head with a deep scratch, a black eye[eye brow], a red swollen upper lip, and her first bloody nose.
poor baby!!!!!!!!

aftermath::no justice

SO swollen :(

last few weeks:

avocado, new fave

she mixes it up by squishing some of the pieces and sucking them from her fist

posing in her new swimmy suit

love it

cutest blurry pic

stay still for 2 seconds

leave you with this