Tuesday, May 26, 2009

ketchup, catsup, catch-up

here is a ridiculous amount of pictures from the last few weeks. pearl's worth it.

pearl, doing her "george" pose

on saturday evening, we drove to idaho city with our friends kristin & adam. it's an old mining town, about an hour away, with a lot of fun stuff to do.

see? idaho's green, sometimes (k&a)

pearl loves spaghetti

bbq last night


1. pearl acting like a spaz, and clicking her tongue
2. pearl waving [without us showing her first]

we're finally moved into our new place. once it's clean i'll take some pics :)


Jessie said...

Her hair is AMAZING. That picture of her with Darcy at the bbq, showing the back of her head...holy lovely, thick, voluminous blonde waves. So jealous.

PS - she looks older in this post than the last. How did this happen?

Cook Crew said...

Camryn is soooo jealous of those too cute peek-a-boo curls of Miss Pearl's... Lovin' the shoes too...

Kels said...

did you just say there's lots of fun things to do in idaho city? i think that was the most boring day of my life when we drove there. . . besides the gorgeous drive! lol.
i'm so happy pearl's hair is finally growing out in the back. and i agree with jessie, she looks older in this post! weird. tell her to stop.
also, funny i just took pics of norah loving her spaghetti last night too!!! it was awesome.

April said...

I just love that girl! She's my second fav- Nikki's first!!

Caylee Secretan said...

Why can I not see her cuteness more regularly?! She is looking older - UGH!! Mmmmmm, spagetti.

Brittany said...

Pearl. You're so yummy. I love you!! Kisses.