Saturday, September 25, 2010

So I'm trying to study right now. Just thought I'd let you all know. This semester I'm taking Biochem, Physiology and Neuro. Everyone says this is the hardest semester but I can't imagine it getting any easier! So far so good, I'm starting to get into the habit of studying because as many of you know I've never really had to do much of it to get by, at least during my undergrad anyway. I'm not saying this to be cocky, that's why I said "get by"!
Other than that things are swell. My Canada student loans are finally falling into place, so I can pay for my education, feed my family etc.! Lianna and Pearl are loving life of course, just hanging out going to the beach with Jessie and coming to visit me at school which is a special little treat of course. Pearl is the darling of the school, everyone knows her name and she pretty much owns the place when she walks in the door!
Anywho, short post, but that's the gist of it. We're missing everyone of course and can't wait for Christmas break!
Have a swell old day,

PS of course... not sure why I said that so many times, ah well, of course... enjoy

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Here are a few quick pics of Pearl's big birthday bash. Enjoy!

Monday, July 5, 2010

We are the worst at blogging...

So we've been here on Sint Eustatius for like 2 months now... it's hot. By the by, this is Darcy, I feel like I have to say that because I generally don't do this. So, school is going well, I feel lucky that my degree (that I almost finished) was in Health Sciences because most, if not all, of the classes I'm taking this semester are pretty much review. I'm enjoying it though and still learning a lot. I'm told that 2nd term is the worst of the 4 so, looking forward to that!
Some people will be grossed out by this but my favorite thing is Anatomy lab where I get to dissect the human body, I never thought I would be ok with this, let alone enjoy it but it's amazing, the human body that is. My group is very good about letting me do most of the dissection as I seem to enjoy it more than anyone else and I've had some good feedback from the professor who used to be a general surgeon back in India, which is always encouraging.
Lianna and Pearl are enjoying it here, pretty nice that immigration doesn't allow anyone to work here so they get to just hang out, enjoy the island life, and hopefully make me a sandwich! Haha, jk, I can make my own sandwich... Pearl is getting so big and speaking in complete sentences here and there, she is so independent. Whenever we let her walk anywhere she fights pretty hard not to hold hands, but Statia drivers are insane and try to drive as close as possible to people and sometimes hit them. So I will be looking for a cheap car once my student loans snafu if finally figured out! Ha, seriously, I applied for student loans in January and still don't have the money in my account!
Anywho, that's it I guess, we'll try to be better about posting on this thing, I guess I should do it more since I started it! Lianna is in charge of the pictures, I don't even know how to use our camera anyway!
Questions? Comments?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

what day is it?

so it's true, we're preparing to move to the caribbean next week. we visited darcy's family in canada for a few weeks and had a great time. now we're staying with my parents in NV until we move. we have had SO much going on, it's ridiculous [hence the last post was in jan?].

i promise to be a better blogger once we settle down in our new home!

here are a few pics from our most-recent trips:

k everyone's playing outside but me. . . bye

Saturday, January 23, 2010

she's a maniac

our saturday plans consist of grocery shopping, super mario wii, hottubbing, and just enjoying darc's weekend off. :)

i asked pearl early this morning if she would like to go shopping. this was her response:

a cute maniac :)

Friday, January 1, 2010

frozen encounter

you know i'm shutter-happy. if you get bored, sorry.

sooo, darcy participated in our community polar bear swim this morning. he raised money for the make a wish foundation and jumped into the literally frozen reservoir . . for . . . fun. ?!?!?!

there were probably 200 people who showed-up for the event. it was about 30 degrees, snowing and sleeting off and on. they got a bunch of snow on the mountain last night and everyone was driving up the hill at a snail's pace. we had to 4x it near the top cause the conditions were so bad.

anyways, here are some sweet sweet pics from this morning. including 20+ of darcy getting in and out of the frigid lake. :) hehe

oh yeah, AND pearl and i are sick. not good timing, but someone had to take the pictures. :)

walking down to the reservoir



this guy water skied! yeah for a hot tub

we saw like 4 inches of that chick's butt crack. woof.

larry gebbert [sp] skiing

bad view, but everyone running in the water

there he goes!!!!!


(what the "where's waldo?" just keep your eyes on his black toque

darc on his way out



AH!!! lol

the end