Friday, January 1, 2010

frozen encounter

you know i'm shutter-happy. if you get bored, sorry.

sooo, darcy participated in our community polar bear swim this morning. he raised money for the make a wish foundation and jumped into the literally frozen reservoir . . for . . . fun. ?!?!?!

there were probably 200 people who showed-up for the event. it was about 30 degrees, snowing and sleeting off and on. they got a bunch of snow on the mountain last night and everyone was driving up the hill at a snail's pace. we had to 4x it near the top cause the conditions were so bad.

anyways, here are some sweet sweet pics from this morning. including 20+ of darcy getting in and out of the frigid lake. :) hehe

oh yeah, AND pearl and i are sick. not good timing, but someone had to take the pictures. :)

walking down to the reservoir



this guy water skied! yeah for a hot tub

we saw like 4 inches of that chick's butt crack. woof.

larry gebbert [sp] skiing

bad view, but everyone running in the water

there he goes!!!!!


(what the "where's waldo?" just keep your eyes on his black toque

darc on his way out



AH!!! lol

the end



Kristin said...

Thank you!! That was the best 60 seconds of my life.

Mindi said...

Wow...daring! For a good cause though, so sweet job!

Jessie said...

That looks way too cold. I probably would have waited in the car.

Caylee Secretan said...

OH MY COLDNESS!!!!! My kids love the play by play shots! Poor Li & Pearly sick in the cold - we do appreciate the pics! Good work Darc!

kelsey said...

HA. I enlarged every single one just to see the crazy faces. LOVE IT.

April said...

How sad for Darcy! Everyone else's loved ones were helping them get dressed and warm, while you were just standing there taking pictures!! :)

Stephanie said...

Last one = favorite. Love Darcy's face. He is one brave man.