Thursday, December 11, 2008

squirmy worm

well, it's been a WHILE to say the least.
we've been so busy with funerals, road trips, families, and bottles.

enough is enough.
a few weeks ago we switched pearl to her new hypo-allergenic formula, similac alimentum. it was a nightmare for about 24 hours; she screamed bloody-murder, missed several meals, threw fits, and was miserable! when she finally gave in and started drinking, i burst into tears --- of joy. it was so difficult and stressful! within a day or two, she was excited to get the bottle and didn't protest. i am just grateful that i was able to breastfeed her as long as i did, 4 months.

here are some random pics from thanksgiving, gardnerville, and her new highchair.

bedtime stories w/gma

ooh, this is fun

road trippin'

gpa crossman @ thanks

where's the beef?

LOVE dad's beard

love it TOO much

teeny fingers


well, that's all for now. i will surely post after x-mas with lots of pics.
ugh, and a new background.

Friday, November 7, 2008


k, pearl is so noisy! it's awesome.
she LOVES to hear her own voice and practice talking AS LOUD as she can. sometimes i think she's about to start crying or needs something and -- she's as happy as can be, smiling and proud of herself.


i'm busy

don't go too far




this is darcy's idea of changing a diaper

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

sumo pearl

sleeping with bunny- cute


why are you laughing so hard?

SAME EXPRESSION [video game]

family portrait? LOL

this is pearl whining, drooling and being crazy. [not her finest moment] the t.v. is on in the background, that's why the light is changing and flashing.

here's pearl, half asleep, playing with her favorite bear.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

birthday party, snow, & drool

ya, so darc's b-day was on wednesday the 8th.
here are 2 pics of the crazy-awesome celebration.
i made the intimidating chocolate cake from scratch with green peppermint icing that darc wants every year.
it turned out though. . . [whew!]

pearl & daddy

the cake

pearl's favorite bear [LOVE this pic]

and it snowed. what? ew. ya boise got 2" over just a few hours.
this was just the beginning. . .

new babysitter

new hoodie pix

holy flash, but what the drool?
and it begins. . .

so pearl is slowly starting to feel better with my new diet! we are grateful!

she is such a daddy's girl. he just has to walk into the room and she smiles sooo big, puts her shoulders up and acts embarassed. it's the cutest thing ever!

ps: she has a huge bald-spot! ugh.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Sunday, October 5, 2008

baby donald

after pearl's bath the other night, darc combed her hair into a sweet comb-over. she looked and still looks like the donald.
yeah that's right- tiny trumpster, baby donald, turkey donald, . . .

the comb-over

platinum w/ a hint of strawberry

fun weird angle

tiny blonde lashes

i am not enjoying this

here's pearl sucking her thumb! she's soo tired- it's funny.

k, more pics coming soon- like good ones. i promise.
if you missed it, darc blogged about pearl's milk allergy :(

Friday, October 3, 2008

Pearl E. Swirl

This is Darcy, apparently I have to say that cause I'm not usually the one doing this. And yes there are 2 syllables in both Pearl (Pear-el) and swirl (swir-el), j/k mom. So our computer is being retarded boo PC's! Our SD card reader is not working so we will have to replace it or buy a new computer. I, of course would like to just replace it since it is already a year old anyway but Lianna probably just wants me to get a new reader. So anyway, no new pics for the time being.
We did find out yesterday that Pearl has an allergy to milk protein. She's been really fussy for some time and the doc just attributed it to acid reflux and colic (the favorite catch all disease for infants!) but now she had a bloody diaper (hope that wasn't too graphic) so we went in and they tested it and she's allergic. So now Lianna has to cut out most of the delicious foods that we normally enjoy everyday! Sucks to be her, I'd do it with her but I don't eat very well as it is and I'd probably die. She can't eat anything that contains any milk proteins, whey, cassein, blah-blah-blah, it's almost like having celiac disease. So she'll do that as long as she can stand it (I'm taking bets if you want to pick a date) and then we'll go to hypoallergenic formula from there on out.
Other that that things are going well, school is school, It's finally starting to cool down around here, and the spiders are making there annual migration into our poorly sealed apartment, hooray for winter. Also there is an ice-cream truck (creepy la rouche) that drives through our neighborhood like every day.

Monday, September 15, 2008

pearl this week

cutest little girl! [dad's signature smile]

love that tongue

daddy nap

Sunday, September 7, 2008

that just happened

so here's pearl in action today. enjoy.

ps: i got my first full night's sleep in over 9 months, last night.
yeah, since last december.
pearl slept 7.5 hours!!!!!!!!
it rocked.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

beautiful day

so we went to "art in the park" yesterday. it's kind of like "candy dance" for nevadicans. : )
pearl was a trooper and did awesome in her front-carrier. the weather was perfect; we had a great time shopping, eating local vendor foods, and listening to the live music.
i took pictures the whole time. . .

boise river

fav shot

darc & pearl

weird tree

what the bluth? to: jon & jessie

pearl & me

ps: i got sick of pearl wearing pink carter's leggings all the time, with every outfit. we bought her some styling jeans! : )

just like dad

pss: omg pearl slept over 5.5 hrs the other night!
i celebrated.
more later,