Saturday, September 6, 2008

beautiful day

so we went to "art in the park" yesterday. it's kind of like "candy dance" for nevadicans. : )
pearl was a trooper and did awesome in her front-carrier. the weather was perfect; we had a great time shopping, eating local vendor foods, and listening to the live music.
i took pictures the whole time. . .

boise river

fav shot

darc & pearl

weird tree

what the bluth? to: jon & jessie

pearl & me

ps: i got sick of pearl wearing pink carter's leggings all the time, with every outfit. we bought her some styling jeans! : )

just like dad

pss: omg pearl slept over 5.5 hrs the other night!
i celebrated.
more later,


Laurie said...

Love the pics and the blue jeans--forever in blue jeans.

Don't hate me, but Pete slept for nearly 6 hours last night. Ahh.

Jessie said...

There's always money in the banana stand.

Loved this post. How fun to go to fun, Candy Dance-like places and it not be 102 degrees outside. I'm jealous. And I miss the Candy Dance. I just smelled kettle corn and salt water taffy.

Jessie said...

PS - darce is rocking the baby AND the viper blueblockers, both equally well.

Darcy & Lianna Jensen said...

hate you? whatever- you deserve it! that's awesome! ahem, more pics of pete please! : ) when you get time?!