Friday, October 3, 2008

Pearl E. Swirl

This is Darcy, apparently I have to say that cause I'm not usually the one doing this. And yes there are 2 syllables in both Pearl (Pear-el) and swirl (swir-el), j/k mom. So our computer is being retarded boo PC's! Our SD card reader is not working so we will have to replace it or buy a new computer. I, of course would like to just replace it since it is already a year old anyway but Lianna probably just wants me to get a new reader. So anyway, no new pics for the time being.
We did find out yesterday that Pearl has an allergy to milk protein. She's been really fussy for some time and the doc just attributed it to acid reflux and colic (the favorite catch all disease for infants!) but now she had a bloody diaper (hope that wasn't too graphic) so we went in and they tested it and she's allergic. So now Lianna has to cut out most of the delicious foods that we normally enjoy everyday! Sucks to be her, I'd do it with her but I don't eat very well as it is and I'd probably die. She can't eat anything that contains any milk proteins, whey, cassein, blah-blah-blah, it's almost like having celiac disease. So she'll do that as long as she can stand it (I'm taking bets if you want to pick a date) and then we'll go to hypoallergenic formula from there on out.
Other that that things are going well, school is school, It's finally starting to cool down around here, and the spiders are making there annual migration into our poorly sealed apartment, hooray for winter. Also there is an ice-cream truck (creepy la rouche) that drives through our neighborhood like every day.


April said...

Poor girls- both of them! I never had to deal with that, but it doesn't sound fun and sounds like a lot of work! Good luck!! And please Darcy, don't die! :)

Laurie said...

Oh no! Acid reflux and colic are bad enough. So sad you have to give up ice cream and cheese. I guess I'll have to force myself to eat your share. :)

Hang in there--colic usually clears all the way up by 12 weeks.

Josh and Mindi Allen said...

Hmm, sux. I tell ya, bottles are the way to go! But that's just me!

Kristin Cole said...

Please pick me up an ice cream asap.