Sunday, October 5, 2008

baby donald

after pearl's bath the other night, darc combed her hair into a sweet comb-over. she looked and still looks like the donald.
yeah that's right- tiny trumpster, baby donald, turkey donald, . . .

the comb-over

platinum w/ a hint of strawberry

fun weird angle

tiny blonde lashes

i am not enjoying this

here's pearl sucking her thumb! she's soo tired- it's funny.

k, more pics coming soon- like good ones. i promise.
if you missed it, darc blogged about pearl's milk allergy :(


Kels said...

love the comb-over.
i have to admit, i'm quite disturbed by the eyelashes pic. kinda freaked me out! ha.
WHERE IS HER FACE? lol. indeed, you better post more, i can't even see what she looks like, except that she has totally filled out and is a little chunk! i love it. i need to squeeze her asap.
love the video too... norah only sucks hers when she's super tired like that. i love it, especially when they put that one finger up by their nose! too cute.

Kels said...

p.s. norah just rolled over and i missed it! fetch. you better enjoy that comment! ha.

April said...

Cute video of Pearl sucking her thumb! I sort of miss those days- when they were cute and sweet and didn't talk back!!!!

Jessie said...

WHAAAT??! She looks so different from the last pictures! Little chunkmeister! Love her.

Jessie said...

PS- I like the new background

Mackenzie said...

um, I'm pretty sure she just said "aunt kenny" right at the end there. Yay! her first words, congratulations guys! seriously though, she is a stinkin cutester, and i'm missing it! would you hurry up and move here already so we can see her more? kthxbai