Thursday, December 11, 2008

squirmy worm

well, it's been a WHILE to say the least.
we've been so busy with funerals, road trips, families, and bottles.

enough is enough.
a few weeks ago we switched pearl to her new hypo-allergenic formula, similac alimentum. it was a nightmare for about 24 hours; she screamed bloody-murder, missed several meals, threw fits, and was miserable! when she finally gave in and started drinking, i burst into tears --- of joy. it was so difficult and stressful! within a day or two, she was excited to get the bottle and didn't protest. i am just grateful that i was able to breastfeed her as long as i did, 4 months.

here are some random pics from thanksgiving, gardnerville, and her new highchair.

bedtime stories w/gma

ooh, this is fun

road trippin'

gpa crossman @ thanks

where's the beef?

LOVE dad's beard

love it TOO much

teeny fingers


well, that's all for now. i will surely post after x-mas with lots of pics.
ugh, and a new background.


Caylee Secretan Photography said...

YAY!!! Thanks for that taste o pearl - I can't wait to meet her. Have I said that before?! I'm glad she likes her story. ;)

Kels said...

finally. yet, i am not satisfied. more. now. i love it when they put their arm out of the crib like that! or a leg, or whatever extremity fits.