Tuesday, April 21, 2009

pears, parks, & pulling-up

this morning, i left pearl in the front room while i grabbed some clothes from her bedroom. when i came back, she was STANDING, holding on to her tub of toys, taking them out one-by-one.
she has been cruising for a while, but has never pulled herself up! now that she has figured it out, she won't stop! it has been an interesting day, baby-proofing "as needed." oh my dangerous, wish us luck

pee pee gathered almost all of her stuffed animals and slept ON them LOL

new teething guard, yeah!

what the LITTLE GIRL?

on our way to the park

passed out

funny face::notice the ROLLS on 5+ body parts[on pearl] :)

never know till you try::her tongue! :)

so happy::ankle rolls are the best

this is grass

mesmerized by a puppy in the distance

daddy & pear

eating pears, new fave

fake smile

funny face


so pearl has had an awesome week. her teeth are coming through, and she's starting to feel better!
she has been eating more finger foods too; she tried chunks of avocado, cantaloupe, pears, bananas, and peas. i am so grateful that she is not picky!!! she has liked almost everything she has tried!
pearl has a dr. appt this friday. i am excited to see how much she weighs and how tall she has gotten.

till next time, stay classy. . .


Jessie said...

the "what the little girl?!" picture and the very last one (b&w) are the cutest things I've ever seen!!

Kels said...

seriously. rolls. i can't stop looking at them.

Caylee Secretan said...

Oh Pearly Swirl!! I love the park pics, too cute. I also can't stop looking at those sweet sweet rolls. That bow looks good on her.

Jessie said...

Just came back to show Jon and we noticed the wicked awesome picture of her in her high chair - blow it up, look at her left foot - I want to squish it.

The Thornburgs said...

She is adorable...you just want to squeeze the baby! I can't believe how fast they grow its exciting and sad at the same time...I love when they walk! She is a happy little girl...yeah for sunshine!

Mindi said...

I love fat babies!!! Granted, she's not as big as Jack was, but I'm all about the rolls! Yay! She is one of the cutest girls ever! EVER!

April said...

She has great rolls! I love her face in squinty eye picture! So adorable! I just want to pick her up and squeeze her!

Darcy & Lianna Jensen said...

jessie- LOL omg. i kNOW!!! her feet are as wide as they are long. SO squEEshy and hilarious. :) that's why she's always barefoot! :)

Mackenzie said...

i wish i was walking to the park in my shorts with all the kiddies in tow! she seriously just gets cuter and CUTER! aw squishy little cheeks that's my fav!

Brittany said...

Hi. Can I have Pearl? Thanks.

Cook Crew said...

She is the cutest thing... Love the stuffed animal pic... Cam LOVES animals but get pretty peeved that the real ones don't allow her to "love" all over them.. So sadly she has to settle for the stuffed ones.

Amber said...

pearl is so cute !

The Thornburgs said...

just in case you were wondering...I think Pearl is the cutest ever! Just in case...thought I would let you know!