Monday, February 23, 2009

thank you, amoxicillin

pearl has been sick with a bad cold for over 3 WEEKS! ugh. last week, she came down with a bad fever and had it for a few days, so we took her to the dr. again. she has bronchiolitis and a bad ear infection. poor jujy---she has been SO lethargic, fussy, and miserable!

after being on her antibiotic for 2 days, she is starting to feel better and i couldn't be more GRATEFUL!!! so thank you, amoxicillin!

here are some random pics from the past few weeks:

sucha big girl

eating dinner w/dad

kind of

creepin' in her crib

so cute!!!

natural light- posing for the camera

pearl is excited for her gma & gpa crossman to come in a few weeks!!!!!


Jessie said...

Aww, Pear! Glad she's starting to feel better. The crib shots are puh-riceless. <--- ew

Jessie said...

The arrow was supposed to be pointing to the word before. Just forget it happened.

Kels said...

tell pearl to stop being sick. and to stop sitting up to the table. that's what big kids do. she's too little!!

Brittany said...

PEARL!!!!!! I know we STILL haven't met, but you're my favorite EVER!!! You're the cutest. Never change.Love, Auntie B

Laurie said...

Yucky sickies. Did she do okay taking the amoxicillin? Pete spit out ever squirt.

Can't believe she's already at the table!

April said...

Wow, she has two Gma Crossmans?! Wierd?! :)

Darcy & Lianna Jensen said...

there you go, brat. : )