Saturday, January 31, 2009

do not leave child unattended

no seriously, pick me up

mildly embarrassed about her drooling problem

the legs on her jammies are too long, so the feet are sticking straight up LOL

dad took this, post carrot-time

loves her sippy cup

pearl is 6 months now. it has gone by SO fast! she loves every food she has tried, and i am grateful!!!


April said...

Love her!! She's just so dang adorable!! Love Darc's Nap. Dyn. shirt!

Kels said...

i absolutely love that she fell out of the swing. . . time to be buckled in! little scoocher!
that's awesome that she is loving food, doesn't it make it nice when they love what you give them?

i can't believe this year has gone by so fast! aren't you still pregnant? aren't I? are you pregnant again yet, or what? isn't it about that time? april? that's only two months away. . . lol. . . get crackin!

p.s. nors still keeps asking when pearl can come sleep over, and i keep telling her her mom and dad won't let her. . . it makes her sad.


Caylee Secretan said...

That is awesome, the first one the angle tricks you like she's really falling on the floor, then I see that her chair is basically on the floor! Love the carrot face. Tatum was also asking when Pearl can sleep over?

Laurie said...

Love that she's just hanging out with a smile on her face!! Pete misses her.