Thursday, December 1, 2011

too close

So, we have about 12 days left here on Statia. Pearl and I are starting to pack and get things ready to go so Darcy can focus on studying and prepare for his block 3 exams and finals. Woof.
Now that it's December 1st, I can listen to Christmas music all the time and Darcy won't threaten to divorce me again. {that might have been in August}

Some of our final island plans include the following:
  • Watch every sunset - and most likely take pictures of each one
  • Spend as much time on the beach as humanly possible
  • Get our immigration crap done so we can leave, legally
  • Pack - and hope that Pearl won't come along and unpack everything
  • Clean our house - so it doesn't look like it's been neglected for years
  • Go to the beach some more
  • Hike the volcano one more time
  • Take a picture with all of the loaded Rastafarians 
  • Watch Home Alone - okay, that can come later
  • Inhale as much of this salty, humid air that I can, while I can*
*To me, it's the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland mingled with The Silver Strand ;)

So, that's the plan, folks. Till next time, here are a few shots from yesterday. :)

XOXO, peathe, whatnot and all the rest,


Cook Crew said...

SILVER STRAND!!!!! I have been living vicariously through you and enjoy all of your beautiful pictures... I know that you will cherish this adventure :)

kelsey said...

Sad that you are leaving, but happy that you'll be somewhat closer. That sunset picture is gorgeous, as is Pearl's face. Good luck with everything.

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